The Nokia 6303 Classic Illuvial Offers a New Variant

The Nokia 6303 Classic Illuvial is as the name suggests a classically designed Nokia handset. Many of the functions and features included within this handset are available within many Nokia handsets however this phone provides an interesting and diverse variant of the original 6303. The phone measures 108 mm x 46 mm wide and is 11 millimetres thick, it only weighs 96 g. It comes with a variety of functions and includes elements such as a camera and MP3 player, all of which make it a viable option.

A 3.15 mega pixel camera is one of the central elements of this handset and operates at 2048 x 1536 pixels and includes auto focus and a dual LED flash for illumination of the subject matter. The camera also doubles up as a VGA video recording device which operates at 15 frames per second. This is an important element of the handset as a video capture has become an integral element of many handsets and is more widely used now than static images.

The colourful 2.2 inch TFT display screen operates at a screen pixel size of 240 x 320 pixels. Its ability to display up to 16 million colours is the reason behind it effective colour reproduction capabilities. The handset comes with vibration and ring alert types, as well as the ability to download polyphonic and MP3 ringtones as further means of personalising the handset. In addition a speakerphone and 3.5 mm audio jack are also included.

An MP3 player and stereo FM radio with RDS are included within the handset and provide the means to download and play a wide variety of music formats as well as the option to listen to live broadcasts from a variety of radio stations. The phones internal memory of 17 MB is somewhat limited however many packages come with a 1 GB card included. For further memory expansion utilising the microSD card slot allows expansion of the memory up to 4 GB.

The handset can be connected to a multitude of devices and systems by virtue of its inclusion of GPRS, EDGE, blue tooth and microUSB connections. For those who share files or who synchronise with a PC both can be done seamlessly due to the connections provided.

The Nokia 6303 Classic Illuvial also comes with an organiser, flashlight 3.0 and voice memo capabilities. It, like the Nokia 6700 Classic Illuvial is a comprehensive handset which offers affordable functionality encased within a classically styled Nokia handset.