Nokia 6303 Classic Review – A Stylish Affordable Phone

Nokia 6303 classic is a cool mobile phone with superior performance and all round features at an affordable price range. Available in black and silver, the 6303 is perfectly suited for fashion fiestas who want all types of mobile phone facilities at a price they can pay. You can listen to music and take pictures while you are mobile. However, if you are a tech geek and need nothing less than an 8 Megapixel camera, then Nokia 6303 classic is not your choice. The stylish 6303 classic comes with complete set of modern day mobile features with the right dimensions of 108.8×46.2×11.7mm and weight of 96g. The 6303 classic comes in steel or matt black.

Nokia 6303 classic sports a QVGA 2.2-inch TFT display which can show up to 16M colours. The great display will surely promise you a vivid and pleasant viewing experience. Sunlight legibility has been great improved in the 6303 classic so it is easier to view phone features even during sunny days. Below the display, you will find a D-pad with navigation keys. Surrounding the navigation pad, there are soft keys including call and end buttons. All the keys are nicely placed that occasional wrong presses are rare. Nokia 6303 classic comes with display backlighting and blue keypad illumination which might be good news for you if you need to message in the dark. S40 6th edition user interface provides easy one place access to all menus. You can bring up the clock showing time and date even when the keypad is locked, using end key. This is normally found only in expensive phones.

When it comes to entertainment, the Nokia 6303 classic never compromises quality with its excellent inbuilt media player. The D pad can be used to control music player. The built-in media player can play a variety of music files. Even though it is not an audio phone, it has impressive audio performance. There is also FM radio feature in Nokia 6303. Aside from stored music files, you can now listen to your favorite radio channel and enjoy music. Plenty of applications are uploaded and you can find a multitude of games with your phone. The Organizer of Nokia 6303 is great just like any other high end Nokia mobile phone.

Nokia 6303 classic comes with a 3.2MP camera with autofocus and LED flash which can take high quality images to meet your various needs. The LED flash is a good news for those who need to capture images at night. The auto focus enables anyone to take good photos using the Nokia 6303 classic. Moreover, the video recording facility allows you to take streaming videos so that you don’t even have to miss any moment of fun. There is also a built-in picture editor that allows you to customize the pictures in the way you wish. However, you can find only basic picture editing options in the Nokia 6303 classic.

Basic SMS facility is present along with modern MMS feature. Moreover, data can be transferred to other compatible devices such as PC, laptop, printer and other mobile phones using USB cable connectivity. You can also use Bluetooth wireless connection service to connect other Bluetooth enabled device. You can store as much as 4GB of data in your Nokia 6303 classic as the microSD slot has expandable memory. You can easily store 2000 phone book entries. It comes with a Li-Ion standard battery and has stand by time of 450 hours and talk time of 7 hours.

The web kit based HTML browser is a cutting edge technology used in Nokia 6303. The native browser is accurate despite some bugs that can be ignored without performance suffering. Preloaded applications work very well even though smooth browsing as in the case of iPhone can’t be expected in Nokia 6303 classic. Flash support is also missing. However, this does not stop you from downloading games, music and much more from the internet using the Nokia 6303 classic.

The Hobby Of Auto Classic Collecting

Every year, auto companies make new models of their cars. Every year, the older models, in general, increase in value. Along with that, the auto classic models like the Chevrolet Impala, or the Buick 8, also go up in value. The auto classic models are considered some of the best cars ever made. They are often seen as having captured the spirit of the era they were first produced and possessed a charm that other models after them have failed to possess. Most of these models also have gone past their expected service life and the casual driver finds them too costly to maintain in good enough condition to drive on a regular basis. However, an enthusiast is likely to accept such problems and live with them in exchange for having what some would call a mobile piece of art.

Generally, an auto classic has been around for 25 years or more, which is a large margin when one considers the usual lifespan of an automobile — around 10 to 15 years. Most cars don’t even make it past the five-year mark, so any model that makes it long enough to be considered a classic is one of those tried and true survivors. The classic car can be difficult to maintain since the parts will likely be impossible to get through the common auto-parts dealerships and, in most cases, have totally ceased to be produced by manufacturers. However, for a true collector, a classic car represents something that modern automobile manufacturers, with their SUVs and focus on utility, fail to grasp: over-the-top style. Hardcore car collectors will casually mention that more modern cars don’t have the same feel, that same undefined quality that older cars, like the legendary Chevrolet Impala or the 1948 Delahaye, seem to possess in bundles.

Despite that, some people still get a very strong sense of personal satisfaction at having fixed up a machine to the point that it meets the original specifications of the manufacturer. Like restoring a priceless work of art, there is a feeling of having done something worthwhile about restoring an auto classic its glory days, when it was first manufactured. It is similar to having preserved some piece of the past for nostalgic reasons, to be enjoyed by future generations. Aside from the personal gratification, however, there also exists a potential market for these cars that one can take advantage of, if one has the patience.

Make no mistake, the auto classic models do have a market out there. Some people are willing to buy them, even at the most exorbitant prices, if they want it badly enough. Naturally, the car has to be in good physical condition but whether or not it can actually be driven regularly is usually not considered. The rarer and older the car is, the more likely the price will go up annually. Though serious classic car enthusiasts, like art collectors, will tell you that the way the prices fluctuate cannot be predicted and, as such, no particular manufacturer, model, or year really stands out as a perfect investment. In simple terms, you collect these cars because you enjoy having them and maintaining them, not because you’re expecting a huge return investment in a few years’ time.

To sum it all up, auto classic collectors are, much like art collectors, very passionate about their collections and aren’t just in it for the money. Some, on occasion, will sell a part of their collection but for the most part, these auto classic lovers prefer to keep them safe in their garages, maintained with a devotion and care that you rarely see outside of the art world. It may seem ridiculous to some, since the cost of maintaining and storing them is quite disturbing, but in the end, you can’t put a dollar value on art. For the serious collector, these cars are just that: art.

Web Browsing at Speeds of Up to 10 Mbps Available With the Nokia 6700 Classic Illuvial

The Nokia 6700 Classic Illuvial is classic in looks, from the Nokia point of view. However its functionality is far from classic, meaning it is advanced in several ways. From its hugely impressive TFT screen through to its extremely fast Internet connectivity this handset offers much of what the consumer is looking for in a modern day mobile phone. Released in May 2009 it has gone on to become a popular handset for a variety of reasons. The unit is 109 mm x 45 mm wide and is 11 millimetres thick.

Internet connectivity is at the heart of the offer with this mobile phone which, by utilising the features the HSDPA connection provides internet access at speeds of up to 10 Mbps. This is one of the quickest connections available on a mobile phone and is somewhat quicker than the majority of home, landline based internet packages. The benefit of a fast Internet speed is obvious, web browsing is simple and effective and the downloading of media is fast.

The handset comes with a 2.2 inch TFT display screen which is able to display 16 million colours and their variants, accurately. The pixel resolution of the screen is 240 x 320 pixels which ensures that images are displayed in a vibrant and colourful fashion. The inclusion of an accelerometer sensor ensures that images are shown at their optimum aspect.

The GPRS, EDGE, blue tooth and micro USB connections provide a multitude of connectivity options which allows the phone to be connected to multiple devices and systems as well as the opportunity to share files and synchronise with a PC. The handset also comes with GPS which includes A-GPS support and Nokia maps.

A 5 mega pixel camera is included within the handset which operates at a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels and includes the benefits of auto focus and an LED flash for illumination of subject matter. For those who prefer video as an alternative to static imagery this handset will provide video capture at VGA quality and at 15 frames per second.

The Nokia 6700 Classic Illuvial is a comprehensive handset which also includes an MP3 player as well as the ability to dial and command the handset by voice commands. It also includes flashlight 3 within its package. The handsets popularity has blossomed mainly due to its fast Internet connection and easy navigation but is also due in part to its simplistic style.

Nokia 6500 Slide & Nokia 6500 Classic – Offering Latest Technologies!

Communication is the basic need and necessity of life. It is impossible to live in isolation without interacting with the outer world. Communication binds countries, people and let them to communicate with the whole society easily. With rising global development and technological enhancement, several effective communication mediums have evolved. Especially, the mobile phones have come out as most effective and strong communicating medium, enriched with super technology and strong communication capacity. It is really a hard job to live without phones, which have become an inevitable part of life. Today’s busy and workaholic world is completely dependent upon the mobile phones for better and effective communication. No one can deny to the fact that phones are the part of present day life.

With the rising demand of technology, many mobile companies have come in existence to offer users different handsets embedded with modern technologies and great styles. Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and many more are some of the best mobile manufacturing companies in the world, which design several alluring phones keeping in mind the demand and choice of different people.

Nokia’s one of the latest creative launch is Nokia 6500 slide, which is quite stylish and comes with a stunning look. The phone has amazing slide open mechanism which works extra smoothly and give a beautiful look to phone. It has a stainless steel tactile finishing which makes it more demanding and appealing. One just have to slide up the phone to experience an innovative world full of technology and exciting multimedia functions. The Nokia 6500 slide phone comes with a 3.2 mega pixel digital camera and also has a Carl Zeiss optics. It has very strong imaging capabilities, which let users to capture excellent quality photos and video clips. Besides this, the users can get perfect photographs with the help of some innovative features like auto-focus, LED flash and 8x digital zoom. The exciting thing is that the users can share the videos with other people having likable mobile phones. The images generated by users can also be enjoyed by seeing them in a compatible television set. The phone also let users to make video calls and to browse the Internet. One can get this alluring set by the dealers giving attractive offers to people. The user can easily come to know more about such tempting offers by searching the online stores of various e-retailers of mobile phones. After satisfying himself one can go for any set by making a deal.

Another innovative invent of Nokia for its valuable users is the amazing Nokia 6500 classic. Its silver screen let the users to watch a movie or a video on their palm. This ultimate phone by Nokia offer users various entertaining features like it let them to record, playback and watch video on the phone. The Nokia 6500 Classic Phone is loved by users because of its fantastic features. It comes with a stylish compact casing and consist of 3G technology. Its 2 inches QVGA LCD screen offer users a sophisticated feel while making calls. The phone has extremely high speed broadband connection supported with Bluetooth, USB, EDGE, Quad Band technology, HSCSD, WAP and XHTML, which let them to transfer data and documents at a fast speed. The effective multitasking capabilities and video streaming facilities of the handset provide best visual presentation to its users.

New innovative of Nokia N900 have set a new trend of communication to offer users a technological environment. Overall, the Nokia 6500 slide and Nokia 6500 Classic are regarded as some the most sophisticated phones enriched with all the latest technologies that one can demand.