The Nokia 2730 Classic – Technology on a Budget

The Nokia 2730 Classic is a mobile that is targeted at the emerging markets. With 3G connectivity and other cool features, the Nokia 2730 Classic has become a favourite the world over. Good features, nice style and performance make this handset truly desirable. This is a budget device so if you are looking for a phone which delivers good performance on a low budget, this is the one for you.

This model is slim and sleek with dimensions of 109.6 x 46.9 x 14.4 mm. It weighs around 87.7 grams and fits easily in the palm, purse or pocket. It has a rather small screen. The display is just 2 inches but then again, this is a budget phone. The display has a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and supports 256,000 colours. The grid key mat style keypad looks really good and is easy to use. Five way scrolling is also possible.

In terms of memory, this device has an internal memory of 30MB and comes with 1GB included memory in a microSD card. You can expand the memory up to 2 GB. You can store over 1000 contact details in the phone book. This phone also keeps a record of up to 20 missed, received and dialled calls.

The 2 mega pixel camera of this handset has a resolution of 1600×1200 pixels. Video recording is also possible. You can record 10 frames per second. Other video features include video streaming, video ring tones etc. Don’t expect frills like auto focus, smile detection, geotagging etc which come in high end phones.

The media player supports almost all popular file formats like AAC+, AAC, AMR NB, AMR WB, M4A, eAAC+, Mobile XMF, MIDI Tones, MP4, MP3, True tones, WAV, X-Tone etc. Audio streaming, audio recording, audio equalizer etc are also present.

A key feature of this mobile is the 3G internet connectivity it offers. With data features like GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE etc this set offers you a great internet experience. You can use it as a modem through the USB or Bluetooth connectivity. This handset comes with an HTML browser and supports Ovi Mail.

Messaging features are also quite good as this handset supports SMS, MMS, and EMS along with e-mail. However, if mobile gaming is your way of staying entertained, this model is perfect for you. It comes with 4 pre loaded games. You can download more games of your choice.

Although there is no GPS, this phone does come complete with Nokia Maps. Other key features include voice memo, voice dial, FM radio, Chinese-English dictionary, MSN Messenger and more. Last but not the least, the 2730 Classic from Nokia is available at a very reasonable cost and is full of useful features.

Should You Take Your Classic Car Through a Carwash?

Most people that have classic cars with pristine car finishes will not go through any type of carwash that has brushes. And a good many of them know better than to go through carwashes that wash the car without touching it, because generally they use a flash washing method where they use an acid type soap wash, allow 10-seconds of dwell time which eats the dirt, and then rinse it quickly within a few seconds to prevent it from damaging the paint job or the rubber on the vehicle. Okay so, let’s talk about this for second shall we?

Now then, if you have a fully restored classic car chances are you have gone to great expense to buy aftermarket custom rubber built on original specs, and you have a car which does not have a clear coat, and chances are you have a ton of lacquer, and/or wax on that car. Such a washing technique from a touchless carwash strips off a good amount of wax, and whereas the lacquer finishes probably okay, it doesn’t do much good for it, therefore these classic car owners are right not to take their cars through this type of carwash.

What if the carwash is not a mechanized robotic tunnel carwash, or what if the washing system is not a touchless automatic – what if the carwash is a full hand wash where is soaped by hand, rinsed with a pressure washer, and dried with very extremely soft terry cloth towels, and chamois?

In that case it is okay, providing those doing the soaping are careful and do not pick up any little pebbles or granulars of dirt as they are soaping. If they soap underneath the wheel wells and then use that same wash mitt on the car, it will put fine and minute scratches in the surface of the paint. If they understand how to wash a classic car, and they’re doing it very carefully, that would be fine, but it only takes one employee, perhaps the new guy, that doesn’t know what they’re doing to put scratches in your car.

Sometimes it makes more sense to hire a mobile detailer to come to your house, if you don’t wish to do it yourself, someone who knows what they’re doing, perhaps even the owner of their own little company, and have them do a complete hand wash. If not, I advise you to wash your own car. There are very few carwashes in this country that I would feel comfortable sending you to if you have a pristine and perfect classic car that you’ve totally rebuilt yourself with a perfect paint job and is show quality. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

New Classical Cell Phone Nokia 6120

Nokia Telecommunications introduced new cell phone Nokia 6120. The 16 million color display screen offers excellent resolution but such high quality reduces the text size on the screen, making it difficult to read for some users. This isn’t too much trouble, however, because the 6120 features a text to speech application that will read your texts and emails aloud. The traditional Nokia keypad is stylish and simple to use, with a simple to navigate menu and easy access to all the phone’s features.

The Nokia 6120 is one of the most affordable phones available with so many features, as well as a great design. Not only is the 6120 a 3G handset that provides high speed downloads and a quite enjoyable web surfing experience, this handset also features the latest productivity tools, including Quick Office and Adobe Reader for document viewing, as well as support for other applications.

The only sub-par feature of the Nokia 6120 is the 2 megapixel camera, but the photo and video quality is still acceptable for multi-media messaging, photo caller ID, or for wallpapers. The camera features an LED flash that works well for low-lighting conditions, but not in the dark, and does not provide an auto focus feature. The Nokia 6120 Classic does support video calling and includes several fun camera features, like a panorama mode.

Nokia 6120’s music player, which supports all major file formats, includes an FM radio and provides a high quality listening experience. The supplied Nokia stereo headphones sound terrific or you can enjoy your tunes wirelessly via Bluetooth headphones. The headphone jack can easily be adapted to a standard 3mm jack to use with other headsets. The internal memory of the Nokia 6120 is rather insufficient for such a great music player, at only 35 MB, but the expandable micro SD slot will allow unlimited storage capabilities. Some users may find the card slot rather cumbersome to open without fingernails, but it is conveniently located on the bottom of the handset.

The Nokia 6120 is a gorgeous, classically designed mobile phone with all the latest 3G features for a very practical price. The call quality is exceptionally clear and the speaker has been relocated to the side of the handset, rather than the back where it was traditionally placed, so speakerphone calls have well above average clarity. The only major drawback found with this stylish mobile is the fact that the handset becomes unusually warm after usage, so a headset is recommended. Overall, the Nokia 6120 Classic is an outstanding phone that offers everything mobile users want in their handset for a price everyone can afford.

Classic Car Insurance and More Tidbits

Funny, isn’t it – how an old car is only attractive if it’s considered antique or classic? For the classic auto enthusiast, the interest is more than a simple hobby. For most, it’s a passion that perhaps even supersedes the passion of an ATV, motorcycle, truck or even boat owner. It’s a pastime that involves homeowners, renters, landlords – and the full spectrum of society.

To this type of auto fan, it becomes an obsession that should flood his or her free moments – especially weekend time. So, for all of you that insurance companies write policies for – this is for you and your wonderful craze!

Exceptional Fun Facts for the Antique and Classic Car Lover

• Do you know the difference between the automobile term, horseless carriage, and the term vintage car? A horseless carriage is in reference to the antique cars that went public from 1896 to 1915 and a vintage car refers to cars made between the years 1916 and 1925.

• See if you can guess this one! How many Barracuda convertible cars were produced in all? The grand total will set you reeling: there were seven in all!

• If you managed to come up with the answer to the above, see how well you do on this one. How many 1940 Dual-Cowl Phaetons did the manufacturing auto company produce in all? The modest answer is six!

• The great and oftentimes revered Mustang car was initially presented by its manufacturer in the year 1964.

• Though car fans usually are associated with the color red, the very first Camaro car was actually bathed in the color black. (Black is beautiful, right?)

• Ever wonder where the English dictionary came up with that great word we reference to the car? Automobile is actually two words that are blended together. Auto means oneself and mobile means the ability to move. Hence, an automobile is that wonderful invention that allows an individual to travel via driving maneuvers!

• The renowned auto company began mass production of its reasonably priced Model T automobile in the year 1913.

• If you view movies about Fidel Castro’s dictatorship, you will be led to believe that the natives only drive classic cars. The reason for the large amount of older cars on the streets of this Latin American country is due to the infamous US Trade Embargo of 1960 that resulted in no new trade of automobiles between the nations.

• Want to know about cheap auto insurance for your classic vehicle? Talk to an experienced independent insurance agent. He will demonstrate how to choose the appropriate policy according to your driving needs and mile accumulation as well as other factors.