Nokia 6500 Classic Mobile Phone Review – Access the World With the 3G Revolution

It is not often that a mobile phone designer and manufacturer brings out two mobile phones with the same name but different variations, but that is exactly what Nokia did with the Nokia 6500 Classic and Slide. They are two very different mobile phones in terms of looks and in terms of the functionality and feature list. As such, the pair has been designed to fulfill the wants and needs of virtually any mobile user.

The Nokia 6500 Classic is a fashionable phone in the sense that is of the classic design ad will not go out of fashion for the duration of any contract. It is effectively a candy bar phone that s predominantly black with an aluminum touch that contrasts well and gives the handset a different but tactile feel. It is extremely light and very slim so it is easy to carry around in either your pocket or bag.

The screen of the Nokia 6500 Classic is extremely impressive and is also scratch resistant, which adds a nice touch that gives it a certain longevity. It is a 2″ QVGA LCD screen that can display a whopping 16.7 million colours. The resolution is good at 320×240 pixels, which is perfect for displaying the images and video footage that the camera capability provides. The camera itself is 2MP and has a built in flash for ease of use in poor lighting.

The Nokia 6500 Classic also provides music capabilities as well. Although this seems to be a standard of the modern mobile phone, either the camera or the music player s usually better than the other. That is not the case on this handset because both could be described as adequate. Although the camera does take good images, it does not have the built in auto focus that would have made the feature special. Similarly, the music player will support MP3, AAC and AAC+ formats but the sound quality is relatively poor if listened to out loud. If you stick to using the headphones though it is perfectly fine.

As far as the features above go, the Nokia 6500 Classic can be forgiven for neglecting them slightly because it is extremely clear as to what the focus is on. Although this mobile phone literally does it all in one way, it is the connectivity that the Nokia 6500 Classic is completely biased towards. It is a 3G phone and this is where its strength lies. It has video calling capabilities, bluetooth, USB connectivity and a WAP 2.0 browser. It is also a quad band phone so it will literally travel anywhere with you.

As you can see, the Nokia 6500 Classic has a little bit of everything thrown in there but only really does one thing well. If connectivity is your priority then this is most definitely the phone for you, and likewise if you have the option of using the features but are not really bothered about them. As such, the Nokia 6500 Classic is worth a few moments of your time when choosing a new handset.